Project BARK volunteers at work!

Project BARK is a non-profit 501c(3) group organized to help animals in need. 100% of all donations go to direct animal relief. Project BARK volunteers have a wide variety of talents which we use to help animals in need.  We focus on offering low-cost spay/neuter voucher assistance for those in financial need, primarily in Guilford County NC.  We also participate in legislative efforts to protect animals, and raise funds in order to keep it all going.


PROJECT B.A.R.K. (Bringing Animals Relief and Kindness)

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Wild animals can find natural shelter from most weather extremes but chained or confined animals (usually dogs) have only what humans provide.

Dogs who are chained without shelter have no way to get warm or dry in winter or escape the blazing sun in summer. And on a chain, there is nowhere for them to ‘go’ for relief. It doesn’t seem right for us to be comfortable and dry inside while they endure weeks of miserable weather without a simple shelter.

There are all too many reports of dogs who have frozen to the ground or in wire cages, or who have succumbed to heat-related extremes.

PROJECT B.A.R.K. is assembling and placing simple, sturdy doghouses wherever there is need. We are seeking referrals of dogs in need and we appreciate any advice, materials or donations.

Since the group was started in December 2010, Project B.A.R.K. has…  

  • placed 1409 dog houses
  • distributed over 28,000 pounds of dog/cat food
  • placed 28 abused animals in ‘forever’ homes
  • funded more than 8000 spay/neuters (with more scheduled weekly)
  • prevented >40,000 unwanted births
  • placed 205 shelters in feral cat communities.
  • provided six 10’ x 10’ temporary enclosures for mothers and puppies until appropriate homes could be found.